Past Beneficiaries:

Delancy Street

Food Life Line

Hurricane Sandy

Oso Mud Slide Victims

Philip Leach and Family

"Five glasses in and I can think of so many more things I am thankful for... My kids, my husband, a house, my health, happiness, the choice to choose how I feel and how I react, family, and so much more!"

# G I V E B A C K

J O I N  U S . . .

Picture this! Driving in Tuscany along a dirt road and you realize you are lost. Your nerves are shot; you are hungry. Tired and ready to settle in for the night! From out of nowhere you spot a Ristorante in the near distance. Hunger and excitement at once... 

"With Dirt Road Dining we aim to provide the same experience in our own home, minus the 'getting lost part'."

DRD is a private, invitation only, underground, charity-event in Maria and Kevin's home in Fall City, Washington. Tucked away in a suburb of Seattle is a small piece of Tuscan paradise. The Downeys started this charity event in 2007 after remodeling their home; with the idea to host lavish, delicious, authentic dinners complete with a rotating Chef, flown in from Italy. 100% of DRD's proceeds go to charities such as Delaney Street, Food Life Line, and Hurricane Sandy to name a few.

You will be elegantly served a Five Course authentic Italian Menu perfectly paired with wines we handpicked during their visits to wineries across Italy!


"Trust that we will take you on an exploration of culinary perfection!"

Dirt Road Dining