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Perchè Italia?

You might suppose I am in Italia for only the culture of food and wine, that is somewhat true. Also, there’s a big part of me I would love to share with you. I have been waterskiing on the slalom course for at least the last 15 years. In America, living in Seattle, the skiing is very limited because not only the short season but also because it is not so easy to have the opportunity to ski on a private lake. The reason it is best to ski on a private lake is because there are a lot less waves and it is usually flat. The lake always has a buoy course which for me it is Nirvana. I am very passionate about slalom skiing on the water. I realized in order for me to improve I would need to ski between 3 to 5 days a week. However in my home town I was unable to accomplish this goal.

In Seattle the season is short and between work and not having everyday access to a slalom course I knew I would have to travel. Two years ago I became a member of a private waterski club in Piemonte, Italy. The lake is in an area called Lago Viverone. When I tell most Italians I am skiing on a lake close to Lago Viverone their initial response is Dove? It is a hidden Gem. This area is both beautiful and very quiet. I love skiing on this lake and being part of this club because the people that ski there are from many different countries. On of the things I am learning is even though we are all from different countries we are all similar in our wants and desires.

Our languages might be different, but we all communicate with a universal language of waterskiing. I am so grateful at this time in my life to have this opportunity to meet such a diverse group of people, who like me, love to waterski. Our journeys bring us together not only at the lake but also our love for food and wine.

This region of Piemonte is famous for wines of high quality. The Red wines that are familiar to most, are Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo to name just a few. The more famous white wines that are produced from the grapes of Arnies and Gavi. There is a lesser known white varietal named Erbaluce. This grape is cultivated near the lake, located in the DOCG zone of the Erbaluce. The locality of Lago Viverone With fragrant aromatics, this grape has qualities of intense fruit with a balance of acidity. Since the Middle Ages this area has been noted for sweet, golden Passito wines. It has only been in recent years, with the application of careful control in the vineyards of this unfamiliar varietal of Erbaluce.

Together we have all been able to enjoy this wine paired perfectly with the rich cuisine of this area. I am so delighted to finally share with everyone another one of the facets of my journey of exploration in Italia, for one year.

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