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Vermentino Wine

Over the years the Vermentino wine has been one of my favorites. Sure I've tried this particular grape at different tastings. I have ordered them many times from a wine list, depending on where I am traveling and what time of the year it is. But one thing I can say for sure their is nothing like drinking the Vermentino of the land and the soil it was grown on, here in Sardinia.

I did want to tell you a little bit about the qualities of the Vermentino grape. If you like Sauvignon Blanc, chances are you will love Vermentino. This wine is light body, complex with the aromas of grape fruit, white peach and lime. I prefer the more richer and creamier style, as opposed to the lighter more floral style, which tends to be zestier.

It is strange being here on the south side of the island while my husband is on the very North side of the island racing in the Italian Nationals J 24 sailboat race.. I'm here because my school in Milano gave me a free field trip to Sardinia. I'm traveling with 11 other people all from different countries. We have a man from Vietnam, a woman from Japan who sings opera, a gal from Venezuela, a man from Jordan, a couple of young girls from United States, two guys from Russia as well as a girl also from Russia. This field trip was only offered to students who were enrolled for at least one year. This adventure like the wine, has many layers. I am looking forward to every last sip!


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