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Dirt Road Dining is on the WEB and in Italy!

It happened with a Satori. A seemingly normal day for me last September. So many different ideas and thoughts. This one came out of nowhere! Sure, I wanted to go to Italy to learn the language and I always thought I would go for a month or two, maybe. That moment something was different. I said to myself, then to my husband… “I need go to Italy for one year to learn the language.”

The language wasn't the only thing driving me, it was also I needed to shake things up a little. You would think that managing restaurants, several grandchildren and a husband would be enough. For me I just needed to feel a little uncomfortable. Stretch myself in ways I never knew possible. Here I am 9 months later in the city of Milano! My roots and my heart have always been tied to the south of Italy, so even I am surprised I picked the North.

I love the wines from the Piedmonte region, the mountainous terrain, and of course my friends who have welcomed me with open arms. My journey here is both exciting and scary. But with an open mind and heart I will experience my passion for learning the culture of Italia. Finally, I have a doorman!

At the same time, Kevin and I decided to officially launch Dirt Road Dining into the stars! We now have a new website, Facebook, and Instagram! All are linked from this website so please check us out! Follow us! Share DRD with your friends and family! And please let us know if you would like to lend a hand and #giveback!

Picture this… Driving in Tuscany along a dirt road and you realize you are lost. Your nerves are shot; you are hungry. Tired and ready to settle in for the night! From out of nowhere you spot a Ristorante in the near distance. Hunger and excitement at once... "With Dirt Road Dining, we aim to provide the same experience in our own home, minus the 'getting lost part'." ​

DRD is a private, invitation only, underground, charity-event in our home in Seattle. We had the idea to host lavish, delicious, authentic dinners complete with a rotating Chef, flown in from Italy. 100% of DRD's proceeds go to charities such as Delaney Street, Food Life Line, and Hurricane Sandy to name a few. Please join us in this wonderful event and cause!

Love - Maria

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